April ‘95

April 19, 1995 | Red Jocks

Was I the monster you described? I feel your words vibrate. I’ve been here before, misunderstood, escaping without moving. Will I ever know the taste of your lips or the texture of your skin.

Am I confused? There’s always something else. The dust never settles on leather seats. You’re driving me crazy. Nothing can erase the truth. You’ve been on my mind since the first day we met. You contemplate the stain across the wall. My words are inaudible. Don’t try to change me, nothing ever lasts forever.

There are no hands big enough to save me. I’m oblivious to what I’ve done, feeling empty and confused. What goes around, never comes around to you. It’s harder to fall out of love! I hate when things are over. Losing everything but gaining more.