Lost with you

January 8, 2008 | Red Jocks

Kept pretending you were happy. I believed you’d choose me. Nothing came undone, you were always alone. I’m trying to forget, wishing I could hate you. Swollen eyes remain anger filled. Sleepless nights consume me, pain in letting go. There’s nothing to save.

You chose to become that monster. I’m angry in love, my heart never changed, it only got in the way of your addiction. Escaping your prison of life in bursts, your ledge is higher then it seems. I can’t bring myself to let you go.

Every step reminds me of you – debilitating. All I seek is closure.

You were all those things to me. You had me like bait on a hook. The abuse I endured… You became a stranger to me. I’m angry for wanting you.