Out Of Mind

May 2, 2008 | Red Jocks

It’s hard to fall out of love. Like a scar that won’t heal. One of many mysteries, no apology…

It’s difficult to love yourself when you can’t see your reflection. You disappeared a long time ago, fragments that you don’t even recognise. The guilt will kill you if the drugs don’t first.

I don’t see what I want anywhere. Here I am waiting to hold you. Wondering if even for a moment we had a chance? Next time I’ll jump with my eyes open.

Love is the only meaning to this crazy dream. The thought of you transforms my eyes to the deepest blue. These wounds run deep. I’m just the boy with the broken heart.

All those things you feel for your drugs, I felt them too – for you. Ask yourself, you love the drugs but have they ever loved you back?