Cutting Ties

August 26, 2010 | Red Jocks

I lost my Pluto. This is not something I can carry. I’m thanking you and letting go… Found myself in someone else’s bed, alone, smiling wide.

New sounds, familiar buzz. Disappearing into yesterday with ease, so real I can feel the pain. Good pain that reminds me I’m alive! Keeping things under control like a holiday.

All I ever wanted in one moment, so real I can feel the sweat collecting on my skin as it cools. My thoughts are calm, I’m miles away from any typical day. Only time can make this real.

I’m tired of killing myself with unsettled dust. Being here is worth it. My past burns amber as I fall in love with today. Being free with my heart. The past lingers like a continuous nightmare – Invisible baggage. Changing the way I look at the world and the things I look at change.

Not that my joy may be someone else’s disappointment, but that my understanding may be misunderstood.

You made walking away seem easy!